First Stop Focuses on ‘Micro-Enterprises’ to Build Job Skills

This new year is bringing some changes at Huntsville’s First Stop, which has long provided essential services to homeless people in the city, and around Madison County. Executive Director Clete Wetli told our Shane Scott his organization is refocusing its efforts on work skills and job creation, while handing off some tasks it’s long handled for the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Wetli wants ventures at First Stop’s Stokes Street facility, which he calls ‘micro-enterprises,’ to provide opportunities for clients to work – while making them better prepared for full employment elsewhere. Another change already benefitting First Stop is the new design of its website, provided by artist Elizabeth Dawson.

First Stop

The extended version of Wetli’s discussion with WLRH host Shane Scott can be streamed or downloaded here.

Tiny homes pitched as big answer for solving Huntsville homeless issues |

Tiny homes pitched as big answer for solving Huntsville homeless issues |

The First Stop Greenhouse Project

We are so excited to see the first vision of what our greenhouse project will look like. The idea was the brain child of several of our clients who felt that First Stop should try to raise its own fruits and vegetables. This project will be built by First Stop Clients and Local Volunteers. We are about to kick off a Fundraising Effort for this project. If you wish to donate, please and click on the “Donate Now” Button.